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Basic information

This ancient town in the Zemplín region stretches over an area of 31,10 km2. Lying in the northern part of Zemlín, on the edge of the Východoslovenská nížina lowlands and Nízke Beskyds mountains, Vranov nad Topľou is a county district with more than 21000 citizens. Here under the eastern slopes of the Slanské vrchy mountains and between the rivers Topľa and Ondava, Vranov nad Topľou stands as the administrative, economic, business, educational and cultural centre for the 68 villages of the Vranov district.

The most important landmark is the church of Virgin Mary's birth and Pauline monastery, promoted to Basilica Minor in 2008. During the 18 century these buldings were under reconstruction with the help and participation of many significant personalities of baroque art, including Czech artist Ján Lukáš Kracker (renowned for his fresco paintings), a sculptor from Košice, Jozef Hartmann, and Ján Silaši, a goldsmith from Levoča. Silaši`s liturgical collection is located in the Roman Catholic Church of St. Francis of Assisi.

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The majority of the town is stretched over a plain field at an altitude of 132 metres. The town is surrounded by a chain of low-lying hills from the north and even the urban areas have an abundance of greenery.

The centre of Vranov nad Topľou consists of a reconstructed square with several sculptures, framed by small architectural pieces and greenery. It offers a delightful spot to relax near the refreshing fountain. Many special events take place on the square, which also comprises the administrative and cultural centre with many shops and service.

The educational system is also well-established in our town. Children concerned with art can attend plenty of courses in 3 different artistic schools. Both professional and local culture is provided by the fund organization of the town – the Courthouse. Consisting of several parts the Courthouse also maintains the picture gallery, the exhibition hall for keeping the cultural heritage monuments, the local cinema and also the newly established youth centre. The keepers of culture and the reputation of our town are groups af spare-time and art activities.

Our town also offers many opportunities for an active sport life – in the gyms of local schools, in the area of the football stadium but mostly in the Sport Hall, which is the home of activity for a few successful segments of the town Sport Club. This club is a background for volleyball, handball, box judo. Tennis and table tennis are also among the most popular sports. The surface of the indoor sports hall is suitable for most sports making the hall very popular.

Vranov nad Topľou has a very fortunate position – located in the heart of East Slovakia and neighboring 8 other districts. Vranov nad Topľou is sure to be interesting for its future visitors also due to its close proximity with neighboring countries.

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